St. Maarten’s is celebrating their 50th birthday in 2019! This is the biggest event of the island and you can expierence it in the best way possible! The dates are already calculated and this event will take place the 22th of April until the 6th of May. Two weeks full of partying and eating Caribbean food in the village, on the streets and during the big parade.

The best DJ’s and most eye cathing customes will pass trough during the parade, where at the end a winner will be chosen for best custome of the year!

To enter the parade as Kings and Queens we put together an explicit package to be on top of the best places during Carnival.

Airport VIP Transport Package, include the following

  • Villa or Condo during your stay
  • Champagne Bottles
  • Costume Accessories
  • Parade Registration
  • Access to VIP Party Truck
  • Food Tickets during Parade
  • Carnival Event Tickets
  • Reserved area close to main stage

Prices starts at $… per person.


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