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Tips for Booking Tourist Hotels in St Martin

A beautiful view of a beach hotel with excellent sea views

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booking tourist hotels in st martin

A beautiful aerial view of Saint Martin

About Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a tiny island nation in the Caribbean Sea with a small population of 33,000 people. The island is divided into two parts, of which Dutch covers 34 km2 or 40%,  the other 60% belongs to the French overseas collectivity of St. Martin.

The island is one of the countries comprising the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has Philipsburg as its capital, with Dutch and English being its main languages. Sint Maarten lies 150 miles from Puerto Rico’s southeast at the Lesser Antilles’ northern front. The naturally beautiful island is a mere three-hour flight from Miami and New York City.

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caribbean island

Thousands of tourists flock to this island annually to explore its hospitality and natural beauty. St Maarten has several top destinations tourists love trooping to when they visit this Caribbean island. These destinations include Orient Bay, Cul De Sac bay, Pinel Island, Maho Beach, and Grand Case Beach. Most tourist hotels in St Martin have free beach access, family rooms, marble bathrooms, tennis courts, ti spa, excellent ocean views, three pools, Balinese furniture, and great guest reviews.
Do you want to join other tourists and share their memorable experiences after your white sand beach, Royal Islander Club, or Ti Temple outings? Then start by booking your accommodation in one of the best hotels in St Martin.

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A beach hotel in St Maarten

5 Best Hotels in St Martin

Saint Martin has many tourist hotels and resorts where you can spend your time during your holiday. Most hotels are a short walk from one another. Here is a list of the top five St Martin hotels visitors love in its Dutch and French side.

L'Esplanade Hotel

This family-owned and operated hotel is a boutique with friendly workers and world-class services. It's one of the best luxury hotels on this beautiful island. Hotel L'esplanade has 24 rooms and overlooks the Grand Case Bay. These rooms have private terraces from where you can gorge your eyes on surging sea waves. During your relaxing stay, you can enjoy excellent facilities like free wifi, cable television, an iPod docking station, flat screen TV, and beach towels.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Oyster Bay Beach Resort is one of the top hotels it’s tourists love in Saint Martin. The resort is a 4-star hotel and lies at the island’s 10 Emerald Merit Road. Its overall user rating is 4.5 based on 1,511 reviews. Your visit here lets you enjoy excellent facilities like pools, free wifi, free parking, and restaurants.

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Divi Little Beach Resort is last on our list of best Saint Martin hotels. The hotel has a 4-star ranking and lies on Little Bay Road. It has spacious suites and its private balcony allows you to enjoy stunning ocean views. Satisfied users have rated its overall tourist experience with 4.0 stars based on 3,298 reviews.

belmond la samanna hotel

Belmond La Samanna

Besides Hotel L'esplanade, Belmond Hotel La Samanna is another favorite hotel among tourists who come to this little island to create some of their new favorite memories. The hotel features excellent grounds, direct access to beaches, and refreshing swimming pools.
Visitors can enjoy warm sand and enviable beach views from their rooms’ comfort. Belmond Hotel also has a serene atmosphere, and you can unwind with high-quality spa treatments. On top of everything, the hotel’s restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes that blend French and Caribbean cuisines.

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ocean point resort

Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

Sonesta is one of the best resorts in St Martin. This St Martin hotel lies on the island’s eastern side and is one of the best boutique hotels. It has excellent customer service. This adults only deluxe hotel is ideal for holidaying with friends and couples.
Its rooms have excellent facilities like minifridges, private balconies for stunning views, free wifi, flatscreen TVs with satellite channels. Additionally, the rooms have electronic wristband room keys to save you the hassles of losing or carrying keys around.
It has three refreshing plunge pools and restaurants that serve tantalizing cousins blending Mediterranean and Caribbean menus. Its employees are friendly, and the hotel prides itself on keeping the cleanliness at its highest level.

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One of the top hotels in St Martin

7 Booking Tips to Get the Best Hotel Deals in Saint Martin

So, how do you get the best deal when reserving one of the best hotels in Orient Bay Beach or other favorite tourist destinations in St Martin? Here are tips to help you get the most out of your bookings next time you plan to tour Saint Maarten.

Optimize Your Credit Card

Your credit card is your best friend when booking Saint Martin hotels for your next visit. Booking with your credit card gives you access to free night stays, cash-back bonuses, airline miles, fraud protection, and immediate refunds for mischarges. You can’t enjoy any of these benefits when booking with cash or a debit card.

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hotel loyalty programs

Join Hotel Loyalty Programs

Joining a loyalty program is another way of getting excellent deals when booking a hotel in Saint Martin . These programs are a great way of saving on your reservations. Ensure that you capitalize on them whenever possible to make your tour to St Martin worthwhile.

Negotiate for Free Upgrades

Most hotels in Grand Case and other locations have flexible rates, depending on the season you want to visit Saint Martin. You can always take advantage of these seasons to reserve a lower-cost room then request an upgrade on arrival. You can call the hotel manager during off-peak seasons and ask for available rooms. Afterward, you may negotiate for your free upgrade.

negotiate free upgrades
secure Cancel reservations

Secure Canceled Reservations

You can also save some bucks by securing canceled reservations in St Martin. Some visitors cancel their Simpson Bay reservations at the last minute, leaving hotels with empty rooms. If you talk to the manager to give you such a room, you’ll most likely get it for a huge discount.

Holland House Beach hotel, one of the best hotels in St Maarten

Book Your Tourist Hotel in St Martin Today

Booking the right hotel for your next St Maarten visit is a vital preparation stage you should pay attention to. Reserving the best tourist hotel makes your stay on this tourist-friendly island worth every coin and second. Fortunately, your next visit is well taken care of because of the many Saint Martin hotels you can choose from.
You can prepare for a cozy stay in Saint Martin by choosing from any of the hotels on this page to get the best deals. Apply the hacks we shared to get the most out of your reservation. Don’t wait until it’s late. Go ahead and reserve your hotel for your next visit to St Maarten.

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