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St Martin Vacation

Book Your Flights, Hotel, and Car in St Martin More Conveniently

Congrats on choosing to spend your next holiday in St. Martin, the Caribbean’s premier tourist destination. But have you arranged for your hotel accommodation, flights, and rental car? Booking cars, hotels, and flights has never been easier than using a travel agent like TEAMSXM.

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About St Maarten


St Maarten is one of the island countries in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. The rich island lies some 150 miles from Puerto Rico’s southeast at the Lesser Antilles’ end. This tiny nation is one of the distant territories comprising the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Two nations, one island

St Maarten occupies an area of 34 km2 that includes the southern 40% of the island subdivided into two sections. The remaining 60% or the French West Indies side belongs to the French overseas collectivity of Saint Martin.

Small City Big Charm

Philipsburg is the island’s capital city. It has a small population of approximately 33,000 people, whose official languages are English and Dutch. The vacation-friendly island is a mere three-hour flight away from Miami and New York City.


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A Short Step Away From a Tropical Paradise

TEAMSXM is here to make your next St. Martin tour memorable and worth every investment you make. Our booking solutions for St. Martin holiday rentals let you compare different rates and dates to plan your vacation well before your departure date. You can choose from the various accommodation options touristic hotels have for your St. Maarten vacation.

Our exclusive deals for this little nation let you access discounts. Further, our services allow you to confirm availability and final pricing before getting to the airport for your trip to St. Martin. You also check in your hotel room being sure that your travel experts have taken care of your rental car and other logistical issues.

tropical paradise
st. martin vacations

St. Martin vacations are pocket-friendly to visitors with different budget ceilings. You don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy its luxurious ocean-facing resorts, beach villas, or boutique hotels in Happy Bay or other tourist hubs.
However, it's prudent to confirm the final guaranteed price before making your final choice. The reason is that the price shown at a time might fluctuate without prior notice. This approach makes your vacations easier to manage.
You can spend your vacations anywhere and enjoy your nights in many of its memorable hubs. You rest assured that the island’s rich hospitality and friendly service will make your St Martin vacation-worthy every second and dollar you spend.

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Things to do in St. Maarten

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Enjoy Parties And Events In St Martin Vacation Packages

Partying is another way tourists make their St Maarten vacation packages worthwhile before taking their flights back home from Princess Juliana International Airport. You came here to break away from your homeland’s and workplace’s routines. So, it’s high time to lower your formal guard and jump on the partying bandwagon in Maho Beach, Anse Marcel Beach, Orient Bay, or Grand Case Beach.
During your St Maarten stay, you can spend your days and preferably nights enjoying calypso parties or having a Guavaberry in a fresh breeze on Grand Case Beach. You also get a first-hand opportunity to witness talented locals entertaining tourists with the island’s traditional dances in Orient Bay or Belmond Hotel. All these events are perfect for accompanying your day or evening meals in a Martin resort. Yes, you can simultaneously feed your eyes and body before your return date!

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Indulge In Competitive And Rewarding Tourist Activities

St Maarten is an island; thus, sea-related adventures are a must during your trip. Do you love day sailing? If you do, go ahead and join other tourists at Prickly Pear Cay. Here, tourists hoist sail activities and get rewards like barbecue and beach shots in Anse Marcel.
You may also enjoy snorkeling adventures with fellow tourists at Pinel Island. So, take advantage of such interactive moments to make new friends during your memorable trip. Who knows, maybe your new friend could be your next life-changing partner. Step out and mingle before you check out of your hotel heading back home!

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Never Forget To Visit Fort Louis

The beautiful view of Fort Louis in St Maarten

Tourist vacations to St Martin are incomplete without setting foot on this historic fort. Here, you get a rare chance to view the entire island nation and explore its breathtaking sites. From the endless surrounding sea to beautiful mountains dotting the horizon, you can get a sneak preview of what lies around you. This way, you always have a first-hand experience of what Saint Martin is all about before you check out with indelible memories.
Don’t you think that it’s high time you turned your wish lists and Pinterest albums into reality by visiting St. Martin? Don’t wait to hear other people’s stories about St Martin when you can also tell yours! Step out and discover that you have many adorable and nostalgic second homes.
Plan your next holiday in Sint Maarten and take time to break away from your life’s routine by relaxing here. St Martin is ready to welcome you, but are you prepared to embrace this rare holiday opportunity that is just a few clicks away? Contact us today to book your next vacation in St Martin.

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Reconnect With Nature’s Beauty in St Maarten

The advantage of visiting this beautiful nation is getting away from the busy, noisy city life; thus, enabling you to immerse yourself in nature and its special features. Whether you want to enjoy its natural beauty on Bay Beach or Grand Case Beach, the choice is yours.
During your stay in Sint Maarten, you will find a million reasons to fall in love with Bay Beach and other popular tourist beaches. The eye-catching picturesque sceneries in Grand Case and colorful trees will leave your mind blown and will fulfill your soul! You won't find such memorable experiences anywhere else, unless maybe you start going through some magical children's books.
Take a step on Maho beach and relax your feet in the warm, white sand. Take another step and you will find yourself in crystal-clear waters in the island's Dutch or French side. If you can take a day to join St Martin's wild side and broaden your horizon, your vacation will expose you to majestic hills as they dot St Maarten and its unparalleled beauty. Here, you can be both adventurous and have a relaxed day in the sun with your loved ones. This Maarten vacation can be whatever you need it to be!

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plus Caribbean Dishes

Enjoy Special Cuisine and Restaurants in St Martin

St Martin’s vacation packages give you a rare opportunity to sample tantalizing cuisines you could only dream about. You can taste this island’s rich foods and discover that only a man who never travels thinks his mother is the best cook! Yes, food is a great way of bonding with your loved ones but also the hospitable local community.

  • Marks Place
  • Captain Oliver
  • Lee’s Grill
  • Bistrot Caraibes
  • La Villa Restaurant

In a St Maarten beach resort, you can enjoy yummy fried fish and lobsters prepared the “island way.” These beach resort meals are specifically prepared to “addict” you to this island’s natural riches. Why can’t you take advantage of them during your fleeting stay? You can enjoy these local St Martin dishes in excellent joints like:

  • L’Auberge Gourmande
  • So French
  • Le Cottage
  • La Cigale Restaurant
  • Spiga Restaurant

Explore Deep Sea in St Maarten

Do you love exploring sea depths without diving certification? Now you can dive deep into the Caribbean Sea’s underworld and gorge your eyes on undersea caves, exotic sea creatures, and corals. The possibilities vacation packages offer are limitless when you book submarine diving excursions. So, take your next Martin vacation package to a higher level by sampling this exciting outing.

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